Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Organization, waste of time?

Ok, I have really made an effort to get organized. I bought the Palm Pilot after much research as to what would work best for me. I decided on the Palm because it has a good sized screen and is not too hard to manipulate for my hands. My fingers are not as capable on those smaller keyboards. With the recent demise of my Palm I have been considering other things I do to stay organized. LOL Anybody who knows me, knows I can organize the heck out of anyone else including the worst offices you have ever seen, but to organize my own life is an ongoing struggle. I have a really good friend that I admire and watch in awe. She is so organized that I call her B.O.--Born Organized. She is my hero, I want to be like her when I grow up. But I digress.... In the last couple of days I have had some difficulty finding things. Now these are not big things, but needful just the same. How did I lose them you might ask? Well, I lost them by picking them up and trying to find a home for them. They were laying around and not where they were supposed to be. I picked them up and went to put them away. But now they are not where they are supposed to be and not where they were when I picked them up. I cannot find them anywhere. It is a conspiracy. A conspiracy for me to just stop picking things up. One of the items was something my daughter had left out. I remember picking it up and going to put it away. But when we went to go get it, it was not there. My daughter in her infinite wisdom says "I left it out so I could find it when I needed it, why didn't you just leave it alone?" Good question, why? I don't know, because I have a dream of an organized and clean house. Of a place for everything and everything in it's place. Why is it that we can find things when we don't need them and then when we do they are nowhere to be found?

and just where do all the socks go? Honestly, I just bought my 7 yo son new socks for school. I washed, folded them and put them in his drawers for him. But since the first week of school his socks have disappeared. I do not know where they are, I have looked everywhere. Do they walk off by themselves? Have they been eaten or thrown out? I can only find odds and ends of old socks and one pair of the new ones. When asked what has happened to his socks, he declares ignorance to ever having owned a sock in his life. I just do not know about this. Today in the rain he wore sandals. I hope he likes wet feet and that today was not a gym day. He will be disappointed if they do get to go out at recess today despite the rain. Last night He was telling us that he did not like it when all the kids used to gather around the guinea pig at recess. The teacher had to make a new rule that only two could be with the pig at a time. He liked that rule. We said that is better for the pig because it could be overwhelming to have all those kids around you. He said he didn't know about that, but now he has someone to play soccer with. It's the little things that make a child happy. Someone to play with. Make time to play today. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I need to be more careful of what I wish for---because now I am busy, busy

You have to be careful of what you wish for, you might just get it. I did. I wanted to lose weight and be able to be more busy. Well I have lost some weight, but the busy part has come a little faster than I expected. I need to catch up with the healthy part. lol I really enjoy the things that I am doing, I just need a little more energy.

I have been considering expanding my blog to other ramblings regarding my life. Many events have occurred in my life since my last post. I am going to take this time to catch up on some of those events.

My oldest son graduated from the Fire Academy. I am very proud of him for all the hard work he has put into getting this accomplished. He has worked full-time and gone to the academy. It was a hard road but so worth it. Now on to getting the job of his dreams. While doing the school thing, he also got engaged. I absolutely love his fiance. She is fabulous and makes my son a better man. A mother cannot ask for more than that. I have helped them by making the wedding invitations and will be hosting a bridal shower with my daughter. It has made for a busy time in our home. But a very happy time, too. The wedding is in late October. My 12 year old daughter will be a candle lighter for the wedding. We have already purchased her dress. I have not found a dress as yet. I am hoping to lose another dress size in time for the wedding. However, today I did try on some dresses for the wedding. I was able to get into a size 24 which is great! I just did not like anything that I tried on. LOL :) I do not think that will get any easier, even with weight loss. I just do not like to shop. :)

Recently I went to lunch with some friends of mine. We went to Olive Garden. The last time I had been there, I was embarrassed. The waiter had seated us in a booth and I could not fit and had to ask to be reseated. This time the waitress sat us in a booth again. I hesitated and then tried to sit down. Success! I was able to have our lunch while sitting in a booth. Yeah! Big accomplishment. It was nice to not have to ask to be reseated.

Last week a friend from church passed away. She was a fairly young mother of 2. They believe she passed of a heart attack. She was overweight. It was very sad. I have had such fears of passing that way myself that it really hit me hard. I have 2 children about the same age as hers still at home. What would happen to them i f I were to die right now? It makes me shudder to think of it. Of course we never know when we may die. And my faith in Jesus Christ sustains me in times like these. But this just reinforces to me how I should continue to work hard to be more healthy. Doing my part to be here to finish raising them is definitely a worthy aspiration. My mother died at 50 of a heart attack. Of course I know she had other contributing factors that I do not have. but then I have contributing factors that she did not have. So do they equal out? That big 50 birthday is looming ever closer. I fear that I will not live to see 51 as my mother did not. I do not know how to overcome this fear. I guess I just keep plugging away at trying to improve my health.

I have not accomplished as much as I would have liked to have done by now. But at least I am still trying. This week I bought a Nike armband from my trainer, Mandy.She was surprised by her husband with a Garmin. But I just love the Nike armband. It is even an attractive watch. I have taken to wearing it, just as a reminder to be more conscious of my health. Things that make me happy: my new Nike armband, my shuffle, a good pairs of tennies, my dog and an early moring walk in the crisp air. Woo Hoo! Funny how different it is to be happy about exercise. lol

This time of the year is so beautiful. But why does it always depress me so much? I hate the way I feel right now. I feel the ever looming depression creeping into my days again. I do not know what else I can do to keep it at bay. I absolutely love my house. It has so many windows that I get so much natural light in the rooms. I was hopeful that would really help with the depression. I guess it does, but then I still have that pit feeling that I get. There is no explanation for it, it just is what it is. This is my life, have to deal with it.

Yesterday I woke up to discover my palm pilot (my entire life in a handheld device) having shorted out. It burnt a scorch mark on my night stand, and now will not power up. I contacted Palm and they are having me mail it to them on their dime and maybe I will get a new one out of the deal. Who knows. I am so grateful that it did not catch fire. The back of the unit has a bubbled up piece of plastic and it left an imprint on my nightstand. Palm, wants a picture of the mark as well. I plan to get it in the mail today. But until then, I do not have my calendar. I have been so busy, I put every little thing in my Palm. And recently I have not synced it to my compouter, so the info is not in my computer. I feel really lost without my Palm. So much for getting organized.

Well, I need to get going for now. I will try to write more later. Just know that I am still plugging away at everything.