Wednesday, January 14, 2009

so much for resolutions

Not even half way into the first month of the year and already I have broken my resolution to write in my blog once a week. Maybe if I write a couple of more blogs I can make up for my nonwriting. Or maybe I should rework the resolution. What if I say I will write 52 entries this year. That way I can try and write once a week, but if I end up writing more than once a week and not the next week, I can still keep my resolution. The basic reason for the resolution was to make me get into the habit of writing more often.

Now on to the real blog. I was reading a friend's blog and she was responding to another friend's blog of a tag game of sorts. So the way the tag works is this. First you pick your fourth picture from your fourth picture file. Then you google search your name with the word "needs" after it. You put the first ten responses in your blog. So here goes.

My picture is a picture of my husband and his brother, Joe. Joe was one of Jim's younger brother's. He passed away unexpectedly in December just before Christmas in 2002. (I think it was 2002) Anyway, this picture is of Jim and Joe shaking hands at a car wash. The story behind this is they were headed to their grandma's funeral in Utah, stopped in Colorado. Joe saw this tourist (who spoke German) and the tourist seemed lost. So Joe hooked the tourist up with Jim, who speaks German and they had a fine conversation. Why they had stopped at a car wash I do not know. Also why they took a picture of the event is beyond me as well. Probably Joe's idea, just to be funny. Because Joe was a fun guy. He always made me laugh. Also take note of my darling husband's hair color and quantity.

Now for the google search part of the tag.

1. Kathy needs to give herself more credit. Well, that is too true. I don't give myself enough credit for all the good I do. LOL :)

2. Kathy Needs. Singer / Songwriter
All original music written and performed by Kathy Needs. Her style is a mix of country and southern rock. Her heartfelt writings along with her sense of humor will keep your attention and leave you wanting more. A songwriter that has many songs in her portfolio for other artists who are looking for material to record. Well who knew? not me. I do like country music, so maybe I would like her stuff.

3. Kathy needs more attention. No doubt.

4. Kathy needs to be back on the red carpet. Did not know I had ever been there, but how fun would that be? I would love the opportunity to have people who would get me a fancy dress, do my hair and makeup for a night on the red carpet. whoo hoo!

5. Kathy needs to sue this company. Well I cannot think of any company that I need to sue right now. Can I sue WW for not helping me lose more weight? Really wish we had sued the lady who hit Jim on the motorcycle. That accident really messed up his knee and he hasn't been the same since.

6. Kathy don't need to be with anyone who looks like he takes more time in a mirror than she does. Well I guess I have that covered. Enough said.

7. Kathy needs a vacation, maybe Nevada. NO not Nevada. That is not a vacation. I hated living in Nevada and would never go there on vacation. My idea of a vacation would be a really nice hotel with room service, cable and a hot tub right now. Also would love an opportunity to go to Arizona to visit my pal Stef. Or even to Texas to see King Tut. I have so many ideas that are much better than Nevada!

8. Kathy needs your spooky stories. Well I do like a spooky story. But this Kathy lives in the UK and claims to be a clairvoyant. She wants people to share their stories with her.

9. Kathy needs advice. I will listen to any advice, not sure that I will take any. But right now I am open for ideas on how to get organized.

10. Kathy needs a lobotomy and therapy. Many people may agree with this.

11. (I am doing 11, because one of the Kathy needs is a person) Kathy needs help. I do need help, I do. They say the first step is admitting it.

Ok well here is my list. Tag you are it. Let me know if you do the game. It was actually kind of fun.

Also did Katherine needs:

1.Katherine needs to be talked with.

2. Katherine needs understanding.

3. Katherine needs some rules to follow.

4. Katherine needs another coat.

5. Katherine needs to learn how to pass notes.

6. Katherine needs her morning coffee. (well not coffee, but Mt. Dew)

7. Katherine needs to cover up her face with a halloween mask. Well that is just down right mean.

8. Katherine needs more dresses. (I can agree with this. You can never have too many dresses, unless they are ugly dresses.)

9. Katherine needs a new couch. ( I could use one for the den.)

10. Katherine needs discussion. (Nope I am done discussing.)

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KC Mom said...

Those are fun tags. I really like your picture too. It's interesting how the tag brings that up.