Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stand Firm

A few church friends shared something with me that they heard at their Stake Conference. I hope I can do it justice. I found it an inspiring comment and it really hit home for me. It was something about how all of us are going to have Liberty Jail struggles in our lives. But if we will remember that sometimes all we can do is plant our feet firmly and stay strong, not wavering. Do not worry about going forward, just stay firm and we will get through it. We discussed this and we were all saying how we had always thought if we were not moving forward then we must be going backwards. I have always believed that I had to keep moving forward making strides to the ultimate goal. But sometimes life is overwhelming and it takes all I have to just stand firm. I like that, I can actually think of times when I have stayed the course not going back or forward. But I always thought that I had not done as well as I should have if I had just kept moving forward. But now I can see that sometimes planting your feet and standing firm is an important part of our progression. I can even use this in my weight loss journey. I have not failed if I have not lost weight in the last few weeks. As long as I have stayed firm in my resolve to keep treading along and have not gained back my weight. I feel that is successful. I am going to have trials and temptations, but I need to sometimes just stand firm. Yeah for planting my feet and standing firm to my convictions! I really like this idea. No more beating myself up, or feeling like I am not good enough.

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