Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not blogging

I have been giving some thought to why I do not blog more often. I have received many emails regarding my lack of blogging. I used to be obsessed with reading every one's blogs and wanted to be a writer of a fabulous blog. However, I have fallen off that and even have found that I do not read the blogs as much anymore. So today I decided to catch up on a couple of blogs. While reading some of my dearest friend's blogs, I realized something. Blogs are great for keeping in touch with someone who lives far away. But when you read a blog of a friend who lives less than 10 miles away to keep in touch, there is a problem. As I was reading these blogs I got more and more upset at the fact that I only live about 8 miles away and I did not even know some of these important things going on in their lives. I had to stop reading the blogs because I got angry. Then I had to stop and think "Why are you angry?". I am angry at myself for not being a better friend and knowing about these things that are going on in their lives. I am angry because I am hurt that I am not included in their lives as much anymore. I am angry because I miss my friends. I miss my old ward, I miss the familiar. It is hard to move and start new. I did not think it would be that different. It is not like we moved to another state. We did not even leave the county. But it is a different town, a different school, different neighborhood, different church building and ward. Might as well be a different world. It has been a good move for us as a family. The kids are doing really well in school and church. I absolutely love the home we live in. I love the neighborhood. I am very active in the schools. I serve on the PTA board at both schools. So why does it bother me to read about my friends lives in their blogs? Well I can say this, there used to be a time when a letter was addressed to just you. People used to take time to visit on the phone or in person. But now I think that blogging has taken the place of communicating to an individual person. It is more efficient to get it all said at one time. I guess I am too old school. This last Sunday our Bishop addressed a problem that is not just a problem in our ward. He said that many people are texting during classes and meetings. He asked that we teach our children to put away their phones and to not text during classes or meetings. My husband said that very day he had to have a girl put up her phone in his Sunday School class, because she was busy texting. The youth are texting during Mutual to each other in other rooms. I feel like blogging, texting, twittering or what ever you call it is taking the place of communicating face to face or making a phone call. I long for the good ole days when I would get a letter in the mail. My mother was a great letter writer. I have many letters from her telling me about her days and happenings in her life. I cherish those letters. They are in her handwriting, her thoughts and feelings that she wrote for just me. There is love in the words she took the time to write me. I miss her. I miss letter writing. I think I am going to start writing letters to my friends today. Not email, not blogging, but a true letter in my handwriting. Enough ranting for one day.

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