Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year

It is 2010! Wow last year went fast. I was just looking over my last year of blogging, not too many entries. I did make one last January in regards to the beautiful snow. Well let me say that my opinion has changed slightly this year. I am sick and tired of the cold and the snow. I am ready for summer right now. But I do have to admit it is pretty. I just really want the kids to go back to school and to get some semblance of sanity back in my house. Not really sure that will happen but it is worth a shot.

Now on to my new year goals. I am starting a new blog about my crafting. I love doing paper crafting including but not limited to scrap booking and card making. In fact I have started selling Stampin' Up products to try and support my hobby. So I am going to start a blog to display some of my creations and to share ideas that I find fun to do. I will put the link on this page when it is up and running. This is my number one goal this year to devote time to my creative side.

My number two goal is to work on our family togetherness and happiness. That does sound vague but I have more specific things in mind for that. For example, eating one meal a day together as a family. We have set goals as a family to accomplish certain activities for the year together. (I will put those on the blog when we are done with the goal list.) We are making a list of 10 things we want to do as a family this year. The activity cannot cost much and it must include everyone. Then I am going to make a scrapbook page for each activity. When the year is up we will have a record of these activities for us to look back on. It will be good to see what we can accomplish as a family when we work together.

Number three goal is to become healthier. Of course this goal is the reason I started this blog in the first place. Right now I have reached a point in my life when my health is affecting my ability to do everyday activities. I cannot even stand in my kitchen to prepare dinner without feeling extreme fatigue and pain. The worst part is the way my brain has not been working like it used to. I thought I was getting dementia or Alzheimer's. Really it was beginning to worry me. So much so that I have resigned as PTA President at my son's school. That was not an easy decision to make.

The last few months have been really bad for my health. I have basically been sick since I got pneumonia in September. I am not complaining just explaining. I have experienced a variety of symptoms. Extreme fatigue, muscle spasms, pain in all my joints, forgetfulness, and iritis (eye inflammation), to name a few. My doctors have tested me for many things thinking I may have an auto immune disorder, even got some positive results. So I have been referred to a rheumatologist again.

However, I could not get into the rheumatologist for some time, so I pressed my family doctor to rerun my blood work. Originally my eye doctor ran my blood work. My family doctor even stated that I may have fibromyalgia. Boy was she excited when my blood work came back the week of Christmas. Turns out I have several vitamin deficiencies. According to her these vitamin deficiencies are such that they can give me all my symptoms. Wow! how weird. So my new goal of getting healthy will include getting in all my supplements.

Now the deficiencies are such that she said that it is something that my body has been lacking for several years in order to get to this point. Some of the deficiencies are due to my stomach condition which probably has lead to my inability to absorb all the nutrients from my food. What deficiencies do I have you want to know.

Vitamin D
Vitamin B12
Folic Acid

Not only can these deficiencies contribute to the symptoms I have been experiencing most recently but also to my depression and anxiety. I did not know that these things can do so much to your body. I am taking supplements for the vitamin d and folic acid and getting shots for the b12. The doctor said I am so deficient that it will take 3 to 6 months before I will really start to feel a difference and feel better. However, emotionally I feel so much better. I see a light at the end of the tunnel and am hopeful that by the end of 2010 I will be a healthier me.

I am including in my side bar links to places to get more information about these deficiencies. Check them out. These deficiencies are becoming more prevalent in the US. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms that it can cause have a simple blood test done. You might be surprised at what you find out. I sure was.


The Juries!! said...

And people think that Kim and I are vitamin kooks!!

Kathy said...

You guys are kooks, but not because of the vitamins. lol