Friday, January 8, 2010

I hate it when exercise is the answer.......

I received this book for Christmas this year, it was on my wish list.  I just love it.  It is a quick easy read, however reading it is not the only thing to do with this book.  This book gives the reader 31 tasks to do while reading the book.  I decided that I liked it so much that I would blog about my experiences as I accomplish the tasks outlined in the book. 

First as a  brief introduction to the author, the book and the tasks in it:  Emily Watts is a member of my church, so we have the same basic belief system.  She is a grandmother, I am not yet, but old enough to be.  :)  What I have read about her I like.  Her writing shows a great sense of humor and she seems like someone I would like to know.  On my blog I will include her site and you can read about her for yourself.  Now the book is subtitled "A Fitness Program for the Soul".  The title intrigued me because of course I have been told so many times that exercise is the answer to what ails me.  LOL  I guess it is true not only for my body but for my soul too. 

What Sister Watts says prompted her to write this book was she had hurt herself and was sent to a physical therapist for help.  While the therapist was performing his torture, he mentioned that the exercises he was going to give her would help her to strengthen her core.  He told her as long as her core muscles were weak they could not do what they were supposed to do and the result would be pain.  He told her once she got her core strong her other muscles should feel better. 

She says the phrase "strengthen the core" was an epiphany for her. She said "When the core is strong, everything works as it should.  When it's weak, life is harder than it needs to be."   

I do not know about you, but that was powerful for me.  It really made me think.  I know it is a true statement.  My faith has helped me cope so many times.  But like everyone else, I need a reminder and need to improve.  Thus reading this book. 

I will be writing about some of the tasks I will do. I do not plan to write about all of them as some are personal.  I will write about them in no particular order, so if you get the book, do not try to follow with my thought process as you do the tasks.  :)  It really is all about me, or you if you do the tasks laid out. So if you want to continue with me on this journey, read the next blog.  I will do the tasks in separate blog entries. I hope to strengthen my core in more ways than one.

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