Thursday, May 15, 2008

I feel skinny today........

What a glorious day! I feel skinny today. What is that all about, you may be asking. Well usually I feel fat. But not today. This morning I was playing some music and my youngest son and I started dancing. It was so fun. I went to work out today. I wore my new shorts that I purchased at Target! A FIRST FOR ME! Not only have I not worn shorts in years, but I bought them at Target in the Athletic department. Mind you the only piece of clothing I have bought from Target for myself is socks. They just do not carry fat lady clothes. These shorts are the largest size for women they carry XXL but they fit. They are also that fabric that wicks away moisture, very cool. They are very comfortable. WAY EXCITING! I also bought a pair of capris from another store in a size 22/24. Two months ago I bought capris in 30/32. I am so excited. I can hardly stand it! When I look in the mirror I look top heavy now. I used to look way round, but now I think I look top heavy. But I am losing weight and inches. I cannot wait until the end of May to see if I make my 10% goal and see how things fit. Mandy thinks that by the end of the summer I could have lost 50 pounds total. Wouldn't that be great? I do not want to put too much emphasis on the goal weight because it is really about the everyday goals of working out, eating right and drinking my water. It is about the journey of making my life better, and more fun! I really feel motivated today. I have so much to do, so right now I have to go, but I just had to blog. Later.

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