Monday, May 12, 2008

New tortures via Mandy

Mandy went to conference this weekend and came back with new forms of torture. Actually, it was fun learning new exercises. She brought back some gliders that we used on our feet and bicycled while doing crunches. Anything to do with my abs is torture to me. I feel it the worse. But I see people who are in really good shape that do crunches and make faces the whole time. So I think it is never going to be a breeze. :) But as they say no pain no gain. lol :) We also did some leg lifts and those were awesome. The music started to play Billy Jean by Michael Jackson. And it made me feel peppy and make the workout easier to do. :) I love listening to tunes while working out. Actually I love listening to music all the time. I got to thinking this weekend that last week I did not take much time to listen to music. That may have affected my mood. I am going to make an effort to listen to music everyday, because it really does lift my mood. My mother used to listen to music all the time. In fact you could always tell what kind of mood she was in by her choice of music. If it was hard rock, watch out....she was usually in a bad mood. Country was always her more mellow choice. I like country because that is what I grew up with, but I also love other types of music. I like up beat fast music for working out and for cleaning house. You may have noticed a new addition to my blog page. One of my sister-in-laws mentioned I needed a countdown to my weight loss. I looked up tickers and put one on the side. It tells what my goal is and my current weight loss amount. I am excited, a great idea, and it wasn't even mine. But I may also put a ticker up for exercise, first I need to set a goal for how many miles I want to accomplish. I was thinking a total from now until my 1/2 marathon, then I could just mark off each mile towards the goal of x amount of miles. Watch for further ticker information. Well I need to get going to serve the family some dinner.

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