Saturday, May 17, 2008


You know the saying

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger..."
Well I am still alive after the Hillcrest Walk/Run. It was 3 miles of hills and torture. I thought those hills were going to kill me. But no I am just stronger for making it through. I did pretty good as I did the walk in about an hour. Which for me was good with those hills, and I even stopped to talk to a friend after a really bad hill. She was having a garage sale. I did not shop, but I did talk. Just long enough to get a second wind and continue on. It feels good to have done it. I am proud of myself. Last night was Worlds of Fun Night for my DH's company. It is when his company gets the park for the night, they feed us and let us go on most rides for free. It is usually something I beg off from doing. It is something that I have not been able to do in the past. I used to get tired from walking from the parking lot, I would hold everyone up from having fun. I always had to get into the park through the handicap entrance because I was too wide for the turnstiles. Well last night I walked through the turnstiles. Mind you I had to turn sideways, but I did it! I even rode on 3 rides. The fury of the Nile, the canoe ride and some other ride that spins around really fast while you stand there. I had a great time. We did walk and walk and walk, and lots of standing. That concrete is a killer on the feet and knees over a long period of time. We got in after midnight. So I was exhausted this morning. Someone in my house called me crazy for going to do the walk this am. I said no
crazy is when you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.
I am doing something different, expecting different results.
I am so proud of me for doing it. For doing it all, for keeping my commitments and following through. It is a really great feeling. And I met a lot of nice people. This all makes me so happy. YEAH!


Johnna said...

I really enjoyed this blog entry. What you said about doing something different is so important to remember. Congrats on successfully completing another walk--and a tough one at that!

KC Kanenwishers said...

You Rock Kathy!! I wanted to make sure it's okay that I linked your blog in mine. I completely understand if not and can change it...just let me know!
Thanks for inspiring me!

Mendy said...

Kathy, wow, I love your blog. Thanks for commenting on mine. So glad you did the Hillcrest walk with us. Yes, if you live in Liberty and are going to cannot escape those dreadful hills. Great job. Mendy

Margie & Mark said...

Kathy, Of course I remember you and your family. You always made me laugh when we were in nursery with our kids. I remember your son was in Mark's Sun. School class (I think :) Anyway, I am so excited to hear about you and how you are making life changes, step by step, hill by hill! It's not an easy road and I feel joy reading your blog and visualizing you changing, inside and out. Keep on keeping on!