Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Biggest Loser....

I, like many others watched last nite as the first woman won the Biggest Loser. The show was so great. I cried as contestant after contestant told their story and got on the scale. I was so happy for them all. So inspirationaI. I know they had real big losses because they devoted so much time and help from the Biggest Loser. I know that losing that much weight in that amount of time is not realistic for me. But the way they pushed and the way they felt about being overweight really inspires me to push on. I was so excited when Ali won. She was voted off early and then brought back. She continued her weight loss when she went home. She really knows how to dream and accomplish her goals.

I bought a little magazine from the Biggest Loser. It is full of weight loss tips, exercise routines and logs to help you while on your journey to lose weight. It is really a packed little magazine. I have found it very helpful. One article has 8 steps to making the big commitment of losing weight.

1. Be Honest about your weight problem.
2. Don't make excuses.
3. Learn from your past.
4. Do a clean sweep of all junk food.
5. Build your support system.
6. Set realistic goals.
7. Make daily resolutions.
8. Expect to face obstacles.

When I read this, I evaluated how I have done on these steps.
1. I have embraced blatant honesty.
2. I have stopped making excuses about not losing weight.
3. I am working on evaluating my past weight loss efforts, so that I can benefit from those experiences.
4. Junk food. Working on that step. I cleaned out the house but some people bring it back in. So I am working on converting the family over to no junk food. :)
5. I have successfully built a strong and fabulous support system.
6. Mandy has helped me to set realistic goals.
7. I love the daily resolution idea. I have been working on weekly, so now I will try to be more daily in my goals.
8. I have faced obstacles and so far so good. Overcoming them and keep on going.

It is a good feeling to know that I have made some big changes and that they are in line with weight loss experts advice. I am well on to a new life with big dreams.

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