Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Steps toward my dreams....

Tonight I attended the Liberty PTA Council Banquet. I sat in a room of volunteers who work with the local schools to help the students. It made me feel really good. One of the teachers who know me but has not seen me in a while, said I did not recognize you. I cannot figure it out but you look different, did you change your hair or something? I know it was because I am losing weight and I am happier. I looked pretty good tonight. I felt good and was in control. We had a dinner. It was baked chicken with breading, veggies, bread and potatoes. I took a larger portion of the veggies, no bread or potatoes (they were all cheesy), and I took some chicken. I scraped off the breading and ate the chicken breast. It was good. I drank water. In the middle of that table sat a large plate of dessert goodies. Chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels, as well as cookies. They came from the candy store here in town. I ate a chocolate covered strawberry. It was delicious. So sweet and tangy. I only ate one, I did not obsess about it and I wasn't tempted to eat more. In the past I would have tried the pretzels and the cookies too. I chose the strawberry because I have never had a chocolate covered strawberry and it was fruit with the chocolate. But I did not eat seconds or even thirds and there was so much left over. Such a nice feeling to leave a dinner out not over stuffed. I felt in control.

This week I bought a Nano Ipod. I absolutely love it. I needed something to listen to while working out. My old mp3 player is not user friendly. I could not even access the music I had on it. I got frustrated with it every time I used it. So I went and bought the newest color of Nano in hot pink. I also bought an arm band. I was thinking about getting the Nike sport add on , but the reviews are not very good. If anyone has this product, let me know how you like it. For now I am so happy with the Nano. It was a nice little reward for me and it will help me to keep moving. :)

Well it is that time of the night and I need to get the kids to bed. BTW, I actually have a clean house. I have so much more energy now that I am able to get more done in my day. It is so fab! I can hardly wait to put in that garden. :)

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