Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Losing it all over.......

Saturday I put on my skinny jeans. I had ordered them off the Internet and they never did fit right. Always way too tight and too hard to zip. On the off chance I did get them zipped, then I could not breathe and would have dunlap over the belt. But Saturday they zipped without any effort. How great. I was excited, they even felt a little baggy in the hiney and legs. I was so surprised. I went to the store and tried on some new clothes at Macy's. I cannot usually buy clothes there because they only go to 24W and I wore a 30/32. I can get into a 24W! It was still a little tight, not quite loose enough for my taste. So I decided to not buy anything right now. I figure I will just wear my loose fitting stuff for now. I am on a downward slide, might as well save my $. :) Anyway, Monday I went to buy new pair of walking shoes. I went to the Metro North Walk/Run shop. How great are they? They have you walk on treadmill and watch your gate and then measure you and make suggestions for your needs. I usually have to go in and buy a size that does not have a lot of options to choose from. I got to try on several pairs of shoes yesterday. Why? you ask. Because my feet are skinnier. Who would have guessed it. I did not know your feet could lose weight. :) I went from an EE, which is double wide, to a D. The lady said my left foot was a B but my right foot was a D. So we fitted for the D. Woo Hoo! I am seeing changes in me in more ways than the scale. It is a good feeling.

I just love the ladies I work out with at EQ. They are the best. So supportive and caring. Mandy is the greatest. I am so grateful to have these people in my life. It is such a blessing. I plan to go to a walk on Saturday for the Women's Clinic in Liberty. I will put a link to it later. It is 3 miles and it will be my first time doing something like that. So cool. :)

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