Friday, April 18, 2008

Retraining needed......

Today I sent my daughter and her friend into Quik Trip with my credit card. OK I know a big mistake, but in more ways than one. It was cold and rainy, and I wanted a Diet Coke. I told them they could get a snack for themselves and my younger son. Anyway, they came out with snacks and my diet coke. But their snack was Ben and Jerry's pints of ice cream. First off, I was upset about the amount of money they spent. So I told them they would pay for the Ice Cream.

Then I said, "how many calories are in those pints?"
They said. "260."
I said "let me see them." I began to read it to them: "There are 4 servings of ice cream in these containers and each serving is 260 calories a piece. That equals 1040 calories in one container. " (FYI, one pint of Ben and Jerry's is 25 points on Weight Watchers. That is almost an entire day of points.) They were planning on eating it in one sitting.
They said , "it is only part of our daily calories."
I said , "how many calories do you think you can have in one day?"
They said "20,000."
I said, "try 2000"
They said, "So one zero off big deal."
I said, "add that zero to your weight and it is a big deal!"

I so have to retrain my children. I have been a bad influence on them. I hope it is not too late.

PS. My daughter caught me writing this blog. She got upset that I am including this story. She said, " Thanks to me one of my teachers reads your blog. Don't write that." So if you know my daughter try not to hold this against her. She was with her good friend and they were being goofy. You know that preteen age is fun, fun, fun. And besides, I have taught her everything. Bad I know. But I am working on fixing that. :)

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