Saturday, March 22, 2008

Coat of Dreams

I posted new pictures of the Coat. I had posted a slideshow previously. But for whatever reason only some people could get it to load to see the coat. So now I have posted it in pictures. Hope you can see it. It is fabulous. My youngest son asked me to take him roller skating today. We bought him some inline skates. I said I could take him but could not skate with him right now. He asked me if it was something I want to do. I said "Yes, I used to like to roller skate, never inline as they weren't invented yet when I skated." He then said is that a goal for when you lose weight? I said yes, I would like to skate with him. He said "You need to put it in your coat." So we are looking for a picture to add to the coat of skating. So I can visualize it. :) Isn't he sweet? I will lose weight, I will be able to go skating with him. I can hardly wait. :)

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