Monday, March 17, 2008

Saying you are plus sized admits nothing except that you have to shop in a different store or part of the store!

This weekend I took it easy. We had a family Easter Egg Hunt and dinner on Saturday. It was way fun as usual. I was discussing my blog and admitting that I am fat with some family members. I said that plus sized doesn't actually count as admitting it to myself. One of my nieces said, "You are right, saying you are plus sized admits nothing except that you have to shop in a different store or area of the store." Everyone in the room laughed. I told her I was going to steal it for my blog. How true that statement is though. As I have said, I really have to be honest with myself and tell it like it is, I am fat. When I told my sister in law that I had been sugar coating the truth for too long. She said "In more ways that one!" She is right, and it is funny. But now I am trying to do something about it. I have to say, that none of my in laws or friends have ever made me feel inferior in anyway because of my weight. They are all very supportive of my efforts and love me. I am truly blessed.

My battle with Mt. Dew is going well. This weekend I really wanted one to drink while we were eating some popcorn. So I got one. I drank it and it made me feel sick to my stomach. I told my family, remind me the next time I want to drink one just how miserable it makes me feel. It was awful. So today, when we went to the theater to see a movie, I wanted a pop. And my daughter said, remember mom how it makes you feel. So I bought a bottle of water. I drank it all during the movie and did not buy any popcorn. It was great. Didn't even miss it. None of us bought concessions, what a savings. It was very nice.

This weekend while getting ready for church, I noticed my toe nails were really long. I was afraid they were going to shred my hose. Usually I have to get my husband to help me clip my toe nails. I cannot reach them well enough to do it right. But I got on the bed and was able to get my legs up to where I could reach my feet and I clipped my own toe nails! I have not been able to do that in about 8 years. I cannot believe that just one week of exercising and I can now clip my own toes. It is wonderful. It is so embarrassing to ask your husband for help with that. I guess just a little exercise and it has helped me to be more limber to be able to reach my toes. I am so excited. I know this probably sounds so funny to someone who does not have that problem. But I cannot express what a great feeling it is to do it yourself. :)

Today was the first day of spring break. My kids and husband are home today. We decided to go out to the new Olive Garden for lunch. The hostess seated us in a round booth. Well I scooted in and could not move. I could hardly breath the table was right in my stomach. I tried to move the table, unsuccessfully. I had to ask if we could have a table. I have to admit there were people around and it was embarrassing. It was obvious why we needed a table. We were reseated and all was well. We hardly ever go out for meals, so this was a nice treat. I was tempted to get some pasta, but then I thought I not really that hungry. I ordered soup and salad. I drank water with the meal. I absolutely love their soup. I had not eaten at Olive Garden in about 9 years, but it is as good as I remember.

This weekend Mandy's son became ill and we had to reschedule our training from this am to this evening. So this morning I went into the community center to check my weight. I have lost 3 whole pounds this last week! It is so great. I have really just been exercising and cutting down on the dew. I have been thinking about what I eat, but not really counting anything. I really wanted to get the exercising and the dew under my belt before I added more to my routine. I am usually such an all or nothing kind of person. In the past that has set me up for failure and then I quit. So this time, I am trying to change my life more slowly and deliberately. That is going to take time. I cannot expect big numbers like Biggest Loser to show up. I have to say 3 pounds is 3 pounds. Way cool. I am very proud of myself and the progress I have made in the last week. On to week two. I actually look forward to working out and seeing what I can accomplish. This is such a different feeling for me. Quite foreign actually. A nice surprise. Thanks to Mandy and my exercise buddies for making it so fun!


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