Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Walking towards a healthier me.....

Today I went to the Community Center to walk on the treadmill. Mandy had given a me a goal to at least put in 40 minutes of Cardio before Thursday. My goal was to put in 40 minutes both Tuesday and Wednesday. One day down. I actually put in 45 minutes today. I started out as usual starting at about 2 miles an hour and then I brought it up to 2.6 or 2.7 mh. My only problem was keeping it at that pace longer than a couple of minutes. Then a really fast song came on my mp3 player and I started to pick up my pace and eventually I was about 3.2 miles and hour I maintained that throughout that entire song. Then I brought it back down. I did check my heart rate and was doing pretty good. It did get a little high for a while, but I wasn't feeling bad, so I brought it down after the song and then just did about 2.7 for a while. Eventually I got up to 3 miles an hour and fell into a good stride and was able to maintain that for a good long time. It felt great. My legs did not feel tired and I even did a slight incline. I was feeling good. It was a really great workout. Who ever thought I would enjoy this stuff? Not me. Way too far out of my comfort zone. You know I even went into the area of the center with the Tvs and Mirrors everywhere.
That area was pretty busy, but I just did my workout and did not feel to conspicuous. Usually I feel uncomfortable in there by myself. Everyone looks so fit and here I am not so fit. I know I am working on it. But all those mirrors are there and it just is hard to look at myself without being critical. So I spent most of the time walking with my eyes closed, to keep from seeing the mirrors. It worked I really got into the zone and enjoyed the walk. I then came home, showered, dressed and went visiting teaching. When I got home I was feeling really hungry and very hormonal. Really craving some chocolate. But I ate some salad and ham. Then I had a Weight Watchers chocolate cake. I counted it. Boy was it good. Very chocolaty. Perfect for my craving. I am drinking lots of water. I have been doing really well on the Mt. Dew front. I don't even want any right now. That is a good feeling. I am in control, it is not controlling me anymore. Yeah.

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Mandy said...

I LOVE how you've taken back the control in your life. Way to go yesterday! Looking forward to our workout tomorrow...it's gonna be a good one!